Program Declaration

For all students in Arts two programs are available: BA Major and BA Honours. Students entering the third year must elect to follow one or the other of these two programs. Their decisions should be made in consultation with the appropriate Departments, and with their Academic Advisors. It is the responsibility of students to declare their Major(s) with the Department(s) concerned. The Honours program is designed for students with a high level of ability who wish to undertake intensive study of one or two subjects, especially in preparation for postgraduate work.

Discuss your plans with the Departmental Adviser in the winter of your second year (i.e., when you are completing your first 60 ch).  Begin advanced courses in your Majors discipline in your last two years.  If you have trouble deciding on a program, email and in the subject line, put “Choosing Major.”  In the body of your email give your name and student number and say that you are looking for assistance in choosing a Major and an Advisor will contact you.

Students typically declare their Majors or Honours each Spring Registration (after March break), but you can declare your Major in the fall, as well.

Typically, during Spring Registration (Feb-March), each Department in the Faculty of Arts holds either general information sessions or special advising sessions.  The days and times of these sessions are posted throughout Carleton and Tilley Hall.  You can declare your Majors or Honors at these sessions or by contacting the Majors/Honours Advisor in the discipline of your choice or simply email your Majors/Honours Advisors with your choice.

For more information on departmental advising, email