BA Assessment

BA Assessment is a review of the courses you have completed and the courses in which you are currently registered.  It shows you where you stand in your BA Program and what you need to complete to satisfy the Arts General BA Requirements.

You should have your first BA Assessment done after completing 60ch typically between the end of your 2nd year and the beginning of your 3rd year. This is also the time you choose your Honours/Majors program.

To request for your BA Assessment, please email: with BA Assessment Request in the subject line.  In the body of your email, give your name, student number and your Major or Honours Program (if you have chosen one).

Your completed BA Assessment will be emailed to you in about a week depending on the volume of the requests along with the email address of the person to talk to if you have any questions about your BA Assessment.

You should have your BA Assessment updated (preferably on your own) whenever you make a change to your course selection throughout the year.  When you have registered for all the courses required for graduation in your final year, you should send an email to requesting a final BA Assessment if you have not received one to ensure that you will meet the general BA requirements if you successfully complete all the courses.