Year 1: First-Year Experience Program

  • Connecting with an Academic Advisor
  • On Campus early registration (Spring/Summer)
  • On-Line Registration (April to September)
  • Orientation (September)

Arts 1000: The Learning community

  • Personalized advising system that allows for customized advising for students with various needs. These needs range from assisting students with accessibility and learning challenges to designing programs for parents with young children. At the heart of this system is the Arts 1000 course. The Strength of the system is in the weekly contact between Arts 1000 Tutors/Advisors, peer mentors and students. A student's Arts 1000 Tutor serves as his/her Academic Advisor in year 1 and year 2.

Moving from 1st to 2nd year: Where do I go from here?

  • Spring registration: information on Year 2 courses available to Arts 1000 Tutors
  • Arts 1000 Tutors/Advisors meet with students one-on-one for 2nd year course selections
  • Follow up on changes in course selections

Year 2 & 3: Staying Connected

  • Fall Assessment Program - students in their third year are advised of their status in the BA program and what they will need to complete the general BA requirements. Advising appointments can be made at:
  • Connect with Arts Advising Team to ensure you are meeting your Arts program requirements.
  • Connect with Departmental Advisors for help declaring a major/minor/honours program.
  • Program declaration at the beginning of year 3
  • A list of Arts Undergraduate Advisors can be found here

Year 4: You are almost there

  • Students are provided with their final BA Assessment at the beginning of 4th year to ensure all requirements are being completed.
  • Apply for Graduation