Who is my Academic Advisor?

This chart will help you get in touch with the right people for academic advice on planning your academic program and accessing resources.

New Students 
(not yet registered for courses)

Contact artsreg@unb.ca to find out about getting advised and registered for courses.

First Year Students
(registered for courses)

Your academic advisor is your Arts 1000/1100 Tutorial Instructor.

Second Year Students
(completed 30 ch and 1st year requirements)

Your academic advisors are the Arts Advising Office Team- contact artsadvising@unb.ca to set up an appointment!

Upper Year Students
(completed 60 credit hours and up)

By now you will be choosing to Major, Honours, and possibly complete a minor in specific departments. Every department has undergraduate academic advisors to help you plan the upper years of your program - find yours here.

General Questions: You can also continue to get advice from the Arts Advising Team at artsadvising@unb.ca

If you are completing an Honours program your supervisor will also act as an academic advisor.

Transfer Students

Contact the Coordinator of Advising and First Year Experience

Concurrent/Joint Degree Students (BAA, BAS, BA/BSC, BA/BCS)

You will receive academic advising support from the Faculty of Arts AND from your joint faculty (Science, Computer Science, NBCCD). During first year your academic advisor for Arts is your Arts 1000/1100 Tutorial Instructor. You can also contact artsadvising@unb.ca.