Our Mission Statement

Our Mission

To foster the development of intelligent, informed global citizens; inspired critical thinkers; and curiosity-driven, life-long learners.

Our Vision

To be a leader among the best liberal arts faculties in Atlantic Canada, known nationally for our quality teaching and learning, our innovative curriculum and research, and our public-minded contribution to the well-being of our Province.

Five Goals

In our effort to make this vision a reality, we shall seek:

  1. To engage our students in positive learning experiences across a wide range of quality academic programs (undergraduate and graduate) in the Humanities, Languages, and Social Sciences;
  2. To attract highly qualified faculty and staff, and very promising graduate and undergraduate students, to a working and learning environment that encourages opportunities for outstanding achievement;
  3. To sustain a student-centered environment in which every student is advised consistently, taught effectively, treated respectfully;
  4. To contribute to the well-being of the Province of New Brunswick through educational and cultural activities by promotion of dialogue with the public on important social, political and cultural issues; by volunteer work across a wide array of community agencies; and through collaborative research; and

  5. To advance knowledge through theoretical and applied research in the Humanities, Languages, and Social Sciences.