Student Accounts & Receivables Contacts


For inquiries on undergraduate fees or tuition, e-mail Student Fees.

For inquiries on graduate fees or tuition, e-mail Graduate Fees.


Richelle Corey, Manager
Linda Maher, Assistant Manager
Jennifer Mazerolle, Supervisor, Student Receivables
Vacant, Supervisor, Student Accounts
Tammy Bartlett, Magee Rent, Non-Credit Receivables, Travel Advance Receivables, Residence
Shannon Breen, Acting International Health Insurance, Loans Receivable
Amanda Brewer, Sponsored Billing
Tracie Cameron, Graduate Administrator
Donna Jewett, Receipting and Banking
Maureen McCafferty, External Invoices
Carly Morrison, Student Loans, Employee Receivables
Sarah Thompson, Acting Reception

For inquiries specific to UNB Saint John student accounts, contact

Office of the Registrar at
Brenda Cormier, Cashier/Clerk, Student Accounts, Travel Claims