Paul F. Williams

Professor Emeritus in Geology

Convocation: Oct. 23, 2003

Paul F. Williams' influence in the field of structural geology has been profound.

During his 23-year career at the University of New Brunswick, he established a world-class Structural Geology Group and his research has resulted in fundamental shifts in thinking within the Earth Sciences Community.

Dr. Williams has published over 80 journal articles, written seven book chapters and co-authored one major text.  The latter, titled An Outline of Structural Geology, has been translated into Chinese, Spanish, Italian and Bulgarian.  It is the standard structural geology text for undergraduates throughout the world.

Dr. Williams has also supervised more than 20 graduate students, many of whom have gone on to faculty positions at universities throughout North America.

His work in the field has taken him from Newfoundland to the Yukon, and has provided exceptional training for graduate students and undergraduate field assistants alike.

A past chairperson of the geology department, Dr. Williams has an extensive record of university and professional service.  He has served as associate editor of no fewer than three publications, including the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, and on the editorial board of three others.

In 1997 he was nationally recognized as a Distinguished Fellow of the Geological Association of Canada.