Edward Veitch

Professor Emeritus in Law

Convocation: October 23, 2014

A native of Scotland, Edward Veitch earned master of arts degree (honours in history) from the University of Edinburgh and bachelor of laws degree from the University of Edinburgh. He began his career at UNB in 1979 as dean of law. During Edward’s term as dean, he recruited a large cadre of law teachers, most of who would remain at UNB for the rest of their teaching careers.  His influence turned the faculty of law into a serious academic institution of high reputation.  He oversaw the design and construction of the expansion to Ludlow Hall to create additional classroom space and a much-needed extension to what is now the La Forest Law Library.

He has published 67 articles and commentaries, seven chapters in books, and 42 book reviews. He has made six major addresses and, in 2003, was awarded the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Medal for legal services to Canada and the Distinguished Service Medal from the Canadian Bar Association.  As both dean and colleague, Edward has encouraged junior faculty members in their work. Although now formally retired, he continues to serve UNB law as an active contract academic instructor.