Jacob (Jack) Vanderlinde

Professor Emeritus in Physics

Encaenia Ceremony C: May 28, 2009

Jack Vanderlinde is a truly outstanding physicist, with a deep understanding of all branches of the field.

A successful and well-liked teacher, he mentored countless undergraduate and graduate students, and earned a reputation for going the extra mile.  Throughout his 34-year career, he proved capable of teaching any course in the physics curriculum, even those far from his usual areas of expertise.

His textbook, Classical Electromagnetic Theory, is a major contribution to pedagogy.  Now in its second edition, it has been adopted throughout the world as a text for graduate and senior undergraduate courses.

Even in retirement, Dr. Vanderlinde is sought as resource by people in all fields of physics.

Dr. Vanderlinde has an enviable record of service to the University of New Brunswick, including two terms of exceptional leadership as chair of the physics department.  He served the Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers and the Federation of New Brunswick Faculty Associations in many official capacities, including terms as president.  His contributions to these organizations has had a profound impact on the entire faculty complement at UNB and extends to universities throughout the province.