Barbara Trenholm

Professor Emerita in Business Administration

Encaenia Ceremony A: May 27, 2009

Barbara Trenholm is without doubt one of the very best teachers that the faculty of business administration has ever had.

She embraces change, new technology and the chance to bring new teaching methods into the classroom.  Her influence on creating a positive student-centered learning environment at the University of New Brunswick and her contribution to chartered accounting education in Canada have had a significant impact on students, alumni, colleagues and the accounting profession as a whole.

Among her many awards for teaching is the Global Teaching Excellence Award from the International Academy of Business Administration.

Prof. Trenholm’s scholarly work includes numerous articles in refereed publications and two accounting textbooks.  One of these, Accounting Principles, is the most successful first edition in the history of higher education publishing in Canada.

Prof. Trenholm’s record of service to the university, her profession and the community is truly exemplary.  During her 28 years at UNB, she served on more than 50 committees, and was acting dean for 15 months.  In recognition of her service to the accounting profession she was named a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants – an honour that has been bestowed on less than five per cent of CAs in Canada.