Gillian Thompson

Professor Emerita in History

Convocation: Oct. 19, 2006

A distinguished social historian of early modern Europe, Gillian Thompson has conducted research on the Jesuit religious order in 18th century France.

Her publications have revised our understanding of Church history and set the suppression of the French Jesuits into the larger history of modern political and religious persecutions.

Throughout her career at the University of New Brunswick from 1972 to 2005, Dr. Thompson participated actively in university affairs. She served terms as Resident Fellow and department chair, and, at various times, held membership on the Board of Governors, the Senate, the Executive Committee of the Graduate School, and many advisory and search committees.

Dr. Thompson co-authored the first Status of Women Report at UNBF, served as chairperson of the Advisory Committee on the Status of Women at UNB, acted as adviser to the president on the status of women, and was as co-founder and long-time supporter of the Women Studies Program.

A natural facilitator who prefers consensus to confrontation and example to exhortation, Dr. Thompson has provided outstanding service to the university in tirelessly promoting the cause of gender equity and respect for the rights of all.