Antonio Sousa

Professor Emeritus in Mechanical Engineering

Encaenia Ceremony D: May 17, 2012

Antonio Sousa is an internationally recognized expert in thermal fluids.

He came to UNB in 1980 as an associate professor and was one of a group of professors who led the way in transforming the department of mechanical engineering into a first-class teaching and research unit.

Dr. Sousa’s research has produced both innovative theories and practical solutions to industrial problems. In 2003, he was asked to be a part of an experts group that conducted an in depth investigation into an airplane crash that killed the Prime Minister of Portugal and his Minister of Defense in 1984.

A prolific author, Dr. Sousa has an extensive publication history, consisting of 73 refereed journal papers, 154 refereed full conference papers and 5 book chapters. In the past 30 years, he has been involved in 78 national and international meetings in roles ranging from session chair to invited keynote speaker. He has been active on international and NSERC committees, including the NSERC Joint Prizes Selection Committee.

During his time at UNB, Dr. Sousa had delivered a wide range of courses in thermal fluids and was instrumental in creating the mechanical engineering department’s first renewable energy course, Industrial Ecology, which was highly popular and broadly attended by both undergraduate and graduate students.  

In addition to teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, Dr. Sousa has supervised 37 PhD and master’s students, 36 undergraduate students, and 31 students working in industrial practice school or work terms.