Allan Sharp

Professor Emeritus in Physics

Encaenia Ceremony A: May 16, 2012

Allan Sharp joined the Faculty of Science in 1975 and during his 34 years at UNB, he provided exemplary service to his students and to the university.

Dr. Sharp had the reputation of being an enthusiastic and inspiring teacher. It was not unusual for his Physics and Society class to have 150 students, many of whom were outside the Faculty of Science.

Dr. Sharp’s enthusiasm for teaching was matched by his enthusiasm for his research, which focused on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Magnetic Resonance Imaging.  He has authored, or co-authored, 33 refereed papers and has supervised several master and PhD theses.

On many occasions he took his love of physics outside the department. He was active in developing outreach activities, including a weekly science and technology program on the UNB student radio station.

Dr. Sharp was involved in the development of Renaissance College and taught leadership and public policy courses there for several years.

His colleagues have recognized his skills as an administrator, noting that during his time as chair of the physics department, and later as dean of the science faculty, he fostered an environment in which personal and academic success could take route.

In addition to his academic activities, Dr. Sharp served as Chief Negotiator and President of the Association of UNB Teachers, as President of the Canadian Association of University Teachers, and as co-chair of the Academic Pension Fund for UNB. He also served on numerous UNB committees, including Senate and the Information Technology Strategic Planning Task Force.