William Seabrook

Professor Emeritus in Biology

Convocation: Oct. 19, 2006

The first to develop the study of insect neurophysiology and sensory physiology in Canada, William Seabrook pioneered many of the methodologies used worldwide by researchers in the field.

His work on electrophysiology and insect pheromones resulted in practical benefits for industry, including alternative methods of controlling pest populations, which in turn allowed for a reduction in the use of pesticides.

Dr. Seabrook successfully brought his findings into the classroom and had a profound impact on generations of students. During his 33-year career at the University of New Brunswick, he taught 28 different courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels and was sought after as a supervisor. Dr. Seabrook was a true mentor and played a pivotal role in shaping many young lives.

He was the driving force behind UNB's acquisition of the first scanning electron microscope in Eastern Canada and attracted a career total of $4.2 million in support of his research and his students.

A former dean of graduate studies and research, Dr. Seabrook has an exceptional record of university and professional service.

Recognized internationally, he is an elected Fellow of the Entomological Society of Canada.

His legacy is large and his impact on generations of students is enviable.