Robert Rogers

Professor Emeritus in Mechanical Engineering

Encaenia Ceremony D, May 19, 2011

Robert Rogers joined the University of New Brunswick in 1977 as an assistant professor and over the past 33 years has provided exemplary service to his students and to the university.

Dr. Rogers has been an integral part of the mechanical engineering experience for students. Known for his ability to guide and direct with an inexhaustible supply of good humour, he has taught more than 3,000 undergraduate students and supervised many others as graduate students.

In recognition of the quality of his teaching, he was selected as the first recipient of the Teaching Excellence Award in mechanical engineering by his students.

He has served as a student advisor, as acting associate dean of engineering and on a variety of committees.

Dr. Rogers’ academic research has focused on the causes and effects of mechanical vibration. As a member of many professional societies he has served as Chair of the National Research Council’s Machinery Dynamics Subcommittee and as director of the Canadian Machinery Vibration Association. He has co-authored 44 journal publications, 46 conference proceeding articles and acted as a consultant on 55 projects.

A gentleman and a scholar, Dr. Rogers has been a consummate professional in all spheres of academic life and a model for both new and established faculty.