Sally Rehorick

Professor Emerita in Education
Encaenia Ceremony A, May 19, 2010

In her more than 20 years with UNB, Sally Rehorick contributed in a significant and meaningful way to all aspects of academic life.

As an educator, she exhibited exemplary teaching practices and engaged her students in meaningful conversations. She also provided guidance and encouragement for new scholars to grow in their academic careers and to improve as researchers and teachers.

Prof. Rehorick is recognized nationally as a leader in the field of second language education.  Her report, French Second Language Learning in New Brunswick Schools, was instrumental in restructuring the French Second Language programming of the province, and in leading Policy 309, a critical element of French Second Language learning in New Brunswick.

Her work on national research projects included Plan 2013, which provided a vision for improving second language education across Canada and has been adopted in most provinces.  In 2001 she received Le Prix Robert Roy for her outstanding contributions to second language education in Canada.

Prof. Rehorick has also contributed internationally, and was a founding member of the faculty of education at Myasaki International College in Japan.

Through her extensive service to the Canadian Olympic Association and the Canadian Figure Skating Association, she has also brought recognition to UNB and her community.