David A. Rehorick

Professor Emeritus in Sociology

Encaenia Ceremony B: May 29, 2008

David A. Rehorick is a teacher and scholar of vision and courage.

His scholarship has extended to the fields of nursing and health, fine arts, and social and behavioural sciences. His poetry, improvisational jazz piano, art and writing all help him to understand the meaning of authenticity, wholeness and spontaneity in thought and life.

He encourages his students to use their own gifts, and mindful inquiry into the events in their own lives, in order to find their purpose and meaning. By transcending the traditional disciplinary boundaries, his students discover a rich field of social science knowledge.

During his 33 years at UNB, Dr. Rehorick was presented with numerous teaching awards, contributed generously to the administration of the university, and brought it distinction through his myriad research publications and presentations. He is a founding member of an English/Japanese liberal arts institution in southern Japan, and of Renaissance College, home to UNB’s innovative undergraduate leadership program.

In retirement he continues to experiment with unique ways to approach the craft of teaching in a thoughtful, artful manner.