Fernando Poyatos

Professor Emeritus in Spanish and Latin American Cultures

Arts Council Meeting: October 15, 1998

Fernando Poyatos is a leading international scholar in the multidisciplinary field of non-verbal communication.

The author of 10 books on the subject, he is also widely recognized for its application to Hispanic studies. In 1993 Dr. Poyatos became the first Canadian citizen to be honored with membership in the Spanish Royal Academy of Language.

He chaired and organized two international symposiums in Greece and, throughout his career, has lectured extensively at universities throughout Europe. In addition to teaching in the University of New Brunswick's department of Spanish for 32 years, Dr. Poyatos has taught in the departments of anthropology, psychology and sociology.

He also served as chairperson of the department of Spanish and Latin American Cultures from 1992 until his retirement in June 1998.