Jules Picot

Professor Emeritus in Chemical Engineering

Convocation: October 18, 1996

Jules Picot is known as an outstanding teacher, a skilful administrator and a remarkable researcher.

He joined the University of New Brunswick in 1959 and was a founding member of the department of chemical engineering. During his 39 years at UNB and two terms as department chairman, he contributed significantly to the development of chemical engineering into a first-class teaching and research unit.

Dr. Picot's research work has produced both innovative theories and practical solutions to industrial problems. He holds the Canadian and U.S. patents for a liquid atomizing apparatus for aerial spraying and has thus contributed to the control of the spruce budworm. In addition to his work in forestry aerial spraying, he has extensively studied polymer orientation in solids and liquids.

An international expert in his field, Dr. Picot has over 100 publications to his credit and a record of extensive service to professional organizations. He is a life member of the Association of Professional Engineers of New Brunswick, a Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada and a UNB Merit Award recipient.

Highly regarded by students for the energy and enthusiasm he brought into the classroom, Dr. Picot has taught virtually the entire chemical engineering curriculum.

He retired in July 1995 but continues his work as an honorary research professor in the department of chemical engineering.