Richard M. Nicki

Professor Emeritus in Psychology

Convocation: Oct. 23, 2003

Richard Nicki has a 36-year history of dedicated service to the university, its students and the profession of psychology.

Most recently, as chairperson, he guided the department of psychology through a six-year (1997-2003) period of unprecedented change.

Dr. Nicki supported and participated in the revamping of the department's graduate offerings, which led to national accreditation of the doctoral program in clinical psychology.  He also encouraged the revision and restructuring of the undergraduate curriculum.

As a practising, licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Nicki exemplifies the scientist-practitioner model that is the guiding philosophy of UNB's doctoral program in clinical psychology.

A consistently productive researcher, Dr. Nicki has published numerous articles on such clinically relevant topics as smoking cessation, eating disorders, worry among the elderly and post-traumatic stress.  His current research focuses on problem gambling, and, in retirement he continues to direct a well-funded lab to investigate the psychological factors governing gambling.

Dr. Nicki has been tireless in his mentoring efforts with both undergraduate and graduate students.  He supervised more than two dozen graduate theses and involved students in all stages of his research.  On top of that, he is considered one of the best teachers in the department.