Harutune H. (Mike) Mikaelian (deceased)

Professor Emeritus in Psychology

Special Ceremony: Oct. 10, 2003

Designation awarded posthumously

Harutune H. Mikaelian was the epitome of a university professor. 

A scholar with very broad intellectual sympathies, he served the university as a teacher, administrator and dedicated researcher.

Dr. Mikaelian, known as "Mike" by most who knew him, was recruited to chair the psychology department at the Unuversity of New Brunswick in 1975.

A dedicated experimental psychologist, he taught a range of undergraduate courses from introductory psychology to sensation and perception.  He also taught graduate courses in perception and cognitive science, designed a course in the principles of experimental science for the department's experimental PhD program, and pioneered the course on human sexuality.

His broad-ranging psychological knowledge and sympathies made him a valued mentor for experimental and clinical students alike.  He was a dedicated supervisor of many honours, master's and doctoral students - many of whom are now academics themselves.

Dr. Mikaelian was a member of many professional associations and was a Fellow of the Canadian Psychological Association.  His numerous publications, presentations and reports addressed a variety of topics on vision and hearing, including VDT-induced visual fatigue.

When Dr. Mikaelian was diagnosed with cancer over a decade ago, he responded with determination, not just by fighting the illness, but by applying for a new NSERC operating grant and an equipment grant.  He earned both awards.  This determination provided more than another decade of research and teaching productivity.  Dr. Mikaelian died in the spring of 2001, soon after his official retirement.

It is with the greatest respect that the university bestows the professor emeritus designation posthumously upon Dr. Mike Mikaelian.