Gordon R. Mason

Professor Emeritus in Mathematics & Statistics

Encaenia Ceremony C: May 19, 2005

Gordon Mason distinguished himself as a teacher, researcher and administrator during his 35-year career at the University of New Brunswick.

A professor of mathematics and statistics, he is lauded by students and colleagues alike as a gifted and inspiring teacher. He played a major role in establishing the Teaching Centre at UNB and, for many years, chaired the Senate Quality of Teaching Committee.

In 1994, he was recognized with the Atlantic Association of Universities Instructional Leadership Award.

Dr. Mason was also instrumental in strengthening mathematics education in New Brunswick schools.

An active researcher, he has made contributions to several branches of algebra. His work on near-rings has been influential and continues to be cited.

Dr. Mason has provided exemplary administrative service to UNB. He served as department chair for two terms, assistant vice-president (academic) for seven years, and assistant to the acting-president in 1997.

In the words of one of his colleagues: "Everyone who has worked with Gordon knows the strength of his commitment and dedication, and has experienced the strengths of his values. It is the overall package of accomplishments, combined with the strength of his character that distinguishes Gordon's contribution to UNB."