Robert Maher

Professor Emeritus in Business Administration

Encaenia Ceremony B: May 18, 2016

Bob Maher is an outstanding educator–praised by students at all levels, regardless of whether they are first year students or graduating students. He has been nominated for, and received, many teaching awards–the most prized by him are the awards nominated and determined by students.

Professor Maher has been involved in every aspect of students’ lives throughout his long and distinguished career at UNB. He has served as a resident fellow, recruited and advised students as an assistant dean, developed curricula designed to encourage the long-term retention of students, assisted students’ transition to employment, and been involved with alumni long after their graduation.

Professor Maher has provided exemplary service on a large number of university and faculty committees over his 29 years at UNB, including 15 years as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Academic Pension Plan.

Professor Maher’s research interests have focused on current issues related to financial accounting and accounting education. He has a number of publications, including a successful accounting textbook. He has served on the highest levels of provincial, regional, and national professional accounting bodies. His contributions to accounting education in Canada have had a significant impact on students, alumni, colleagues, and the accounting profession as a whole. In recognition of the importance of his contributions, Professor Maher was named a Fellow of the Chartered Professional Accountants.