David Macneil

Professor Emeritus in Computer Science

Encaenia Ceremony D, May 19, 2011

David Macneil has had a truly remarkable career at the University of New Brunswick.

During his 21-year tenure as director of Computing Services, he became internationally recognized for building something that almost all of us use daily – the Internet.

He joined UNB in 1970 and four years later was appointed manager of user services in the Computing Centre, at a time when we still used punch cards, typewriters and white out.  In 1979 Prof. Macneil took over as director and guided us through an information and communications technology revolution.

His leadership and vision allowed UNB to wisely choose the right technologies at the right time.

With a passion for computer networks and infrastructure sharing, he ensured that UNB was one of the first institutions in the country connected to the Internet and the very first to offer free email accounts to students.

Prof. Macneil served for seven years – two as chair – on the NATO Science Committee panel on Computer Networks, as well as serving on a variety of local organizations.

He was also a founding member of the Board of Directors of CANARIE, a major federal government initiative to construct a world-class research network infrastructure throughout Canada.

As one of the original inductees to the Canadian Internet Hall of Fame, he has helped ensure that UNB is well positioned to face this new century with a modern ICT infrastructure.