Dorothy MacKeracher

Professor Emerita in Education

Encaenia Ceremony A: May 16, 2001

Dorothy MacKeracher stands out among academics, having made the study of teaching and learning not only a career but an important part of her life.

Since arriving at the University of New Brunswick in 1990, she almost single-handedly developed the Master of Adult Education program in the Faculty of Education. Under her guidance, adult education at UNB was expanded to include certificate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs.

Dr. MacKeracher was also a pioneer in the delivery of distance education courses at UNB. Thanks to her efforts and expertise in the area, adult education programs are available throughout New Brunswick and beyond.

Students of Dr. MacKeracher recall her true dedication, her facilitative skills, her comfortable classroom. They also remember the encouragement, the patience, the positive feedback.

In superb academic style, Dr. MacKeracher's research and publication record far surpassed the minimum expected of a scholar. Her book Making Sense of Adult Learning was a finalist for the Small Book Press Award of 1997. Dr. MacKeracher served on numerous committees including The Quality of Teaching Committee and the Advisory Committee for the Community College Instructor Development Program.

Outside the university, she is active on boards and committees that reflect her continued concern for lifelong learning. While serving the faculty of education, Dr. MacKeracher was director of graduate studies for 10 years and later became co-ordinator of the faculty's doctoral program. Throughout her career, Dorothy MacKeracher was a friend, a mentor, an inspiration and exceled in all areas of her academic life.