Neil MacGill

Residence Fellow Emeritus

Encaenia Ceremony B: May 17, 2001

Generations of students have been influenced by Neil MacGill.

As the devoted don of Neill House from 1961 to 1966 and resident fellow of Bridges House from 1966 until his retirement last year, the philosophy professor left an indelible mark. A member of the Residence Community Administrative Team, the resident fellow supports the mission of the residence community - to contribute to the university experience by providing a supportive living environment conducive to learning, personal growth, respect for diversity and a responsibility for community life.

Prof. MacGill adhered to this code and much more.

Through his weekly Bridges House Forums, Prof. MacGill introduced students to the intellectual side of residence life. Due to his encouragement and unrelenting efforts on their behalf, he will, no doubt, long be remembered by those alumni with both affection and respect.

In addition to teaching philosophy and chairing the philosophy department for 10 years, Prof. MacGill was a keen administrator. He was a dedicated member of the Board of Governors for 13 years and served tirelessly on the University of New Brunswick Senate for 30 years. He sat on countless committees and boards of professional bodies during his 39 years at UNB.

Prof. MacGill is an accomplished educator and his impressive research record includes over 80 publications and papers.

Throughout his career, he demonstrated great reverence for the traditions of the university. He approached each of his roles with commitment, sincerity and wit.