Derek Lister

Professor Emeritus in Chemical Engineering

Encaenia Ceremony C: May 17, 2007

When Derek Lister joined the department of chemical engineering in 1992, he brought with him years of industrial experience and a reputation as one of the world leaders in corrosion and water chemistry of nuclear systems.

In the following 13 years - as professor, holder of an industrial research chair of unprecedented longevity, and department chair - he established a research laboratory for the high-temperature corrosion of nuclear reactor materials, the scope of which is unparalleled at many universities.  He also attracted generous research funding from well established international companies in support of his research and the training of graduate students.

Dr. Lister was instrumental in establishing the Centre for Nuclear Energy Research on campus, and his exemplary record has led to appointments on prestigious national and international committees, including the AECL Advisory Panel.