Joseph Horton

Professor Emeritus in Computer Science

185th Encaenia Ceremony D: May 29, 2014

A very short time after coming to UNB, Joseph Horton demonstrated that his contributions to the university and the field of mathematics and computer science would be significant and long lasting.

Dr. Horton joined UNB’s Faculty of Computer Science in 1981. During his 30 plus years at UNB, he was recognized numerous times for his research and teaching accomplishments  -- including receiving a UNB Merit Award and being honoured by IBM Canada as a Pioneer of Canadian Computing.

Dr. Horton’s most famous mathematical result, known as the Horton set, was the construction of an infinite set of points in the plane that disproved a 40-year-old conjecture.

Throughout his career, Dr. Horton has published more than 30 articles in refereed journals.  He held a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research operating and discovery grant for 29 years -- longer than any other grant holder in the faculty of computer science.

As an educator, Dr. Horton made every effort to ensure his students understood their course material and was truly concerned about their progress and intellectual growth.  For his dedication and mentorship, he was awarded the 2012 Computer Science Teaching Award by his undergraduate students.

Dr. Horton had a full and productive career at UNB. He was part of a very talented and dedicated group of people who helped put in place, the foundations that have made the Faculty of Computer Science what it is today.