Terry Haggerty

Professor Emeritus in Kinesiology

Encaenia Ceremony B, May 29, 2013

From 1991 to 1999, Dr. Haggerty was a professor and dean in the faculty of kinesiology. During this time, he was instrumental in raising the profile of the faculty and establishing it as a credible academic unit.  He led the faculty through several key curricular changes, new degree offerings and a name change -- from the faculty of physical education and recreation to the faculty of kinesiology.

Before completing his second term as dean, Dr. Haggerty was seconded by then president Elizabeth Parr-Johnson to build what would become Canada’s first leadership studies bachelor program, and from that, Renaissance College.  Dr. Haggerty served as the college’s first dean, from 1999 to 2003, all while maintaining his teaching duties in the kinesiology faculty.

In 2005, after an administrative leave, Dr. Haggerty was again appointed the dean of kinesiology and held this post until 2010.  He was a driving force in the development of this building, the Richard J. CURRIE CENTER. Dr. Haggerty also played an important role in the creation of the MBA in Sport and Recreation Management, a partnership between the faculties of kinesiology and business administration.

In addition to holding an administrative position for the majority of his academic career, Dr. Haggerty devoted a lot of his time to graduate teaching of courses in leadership and administration, to both students in the master of arts in sport and recreation studies and the master of business in sport and recreation management. He maintained an active role in graduate student supervision, as an adviser to more than 30 students.

Outside of UNB, Dr. Haggerty was a founding member of both the North American Society of Sport Management and Leadership  Fredericton.

Dr. Haggerty was a strong leader and mentor to peers and students and has truly left his mark on UNB. His record of accomplishment exemplifies the qualities of excellence and exceptional merit that are important criteria for the achievement of professor emeritus status.