Uday Gujar

Profesor Emeritus in Computer Science (deceased)

Encaenia Ceremony C: May 17, 2001

When Uday Gujar first came to the University of New Brunswick as a young programmer analyst in 1969, he developed major computer graphics and plotting software packages in UNB's Computing Centre.

After progressing through the Computing Centre ranks, Prof. Gujar moved from the world of computer application and development to the world of academia. In 1974, he was named assistant professor in the new School of Computer Science, later becoming associate professor and finally professor in 1981.

Prof. Gujar made significant contributions to the development of computer science at UNB, helping it evolve from a fledgling program in engineering to a mature faculty standing on its own.

Throughout the 1990s, Prof. Gujar played several administrative roles within the new faculty. In addition to serving as assistant dean of undergraduate studies, director of graduate studies and acting dean, he was a driving force behind the establishment of the UNB Information Technology Initiative.

Prof. Gujar has a research legacy which distinguishes him among his peers. Not only does he have an impressive publication record, his citation record is one of the highest to date in computer science at UNB. An active supporter of UNB students, Prof. Gujar, along with his family, established an annual award for the computer science graduate with the highest overall academic record.

Following his retirement in 1999, Uday Gujar continued to act as an ambassador for UNB, both with alumni and potential international students -- a true sign of his commitment to the university.