Viviane M. Edwards

Professor Emerita in Education

Encaenia Ceremony A: May 19, 2004

Thanks to the untiring efforts of education professor Viviane Edwards, the University of New Brunswick's Second Language Education Centre is recognized throughout Canada as a leader in second-language research and development.

Prof. Edwards was director of the centre from its founding in the mid-1980s until her retirement.  Recognized on an international level as an expert in the field of language immersion, she was the first person in Canada to develop a training program for French immersion teachers.

As a university educator, Prof. Edwards sought to educate a generation of professionals who would understand that teaching involves life-long learning.  She also instilled in her students an appreciation for the relevance of contemporary learning and acquisition theories in classroom practice.

In 1994, Prof. Edwards was asked by the Canadian International Development Agency to participate in a United Nations-sponsored task force to assist the former Soviet states of Estonia and Latvia in the teaching of national languages to their Russian citizens.  She later directed the Estonian Language Project which brought together Estonian and Canadian second-language educators to develop teaching programs and share methodologies.  The links have lasted to this day.