James Croll

Professor Emeritus in Education

Encaenia Ceremony A: May 18, 2005

James Clifford Croll has made an outstanding contribution to the field of education in New Brunswick.

A professor in the faculty of education for 20 years, he developed UNB's Learning Centre for children with learning difficulties and served as its director from 1982 to 1988. During those years he also co-ordinated the Diploma of Advanced Undergraduate Studies program.

Dr. Croll published numerous articles in scholarly publications and served on the editorial board of the Canadian Journal of Special Education for 10 years.

However, his most noteworthy contribution is his dedication to graduate students. He touched the lives of so many as the director of graduate studies - first for his department, then for the faculty of education - as a supervisor, as a committee member, and as a mentor and friend.

As one colleague said: "What truly distinguishes Jim's career at UNB is his service to students at all levels."

Although he retired in 2002, Dr. Croll is still committed to UNB and its students. He continues to serve on graduate thesis and dissertation committees, and to teach courses in both the faculty of education and the faculty of kinesiology, where he is an honorary research associate.