Gail Campbell

Professor Emerita in History

Encaenia Ceremony C: May 19, 2016

A socio-political historian expert in quantification, demography and statistics, Dr. Gail Campbell is the leading specialist in the history of 19th century New Brunswick.

Her numerous publications draw upon a research database meticulously compiled by Dr. Campbell herself over many years. They analyze the economic, political, religious and kinship networks that shaped New Brunswick communities and illuminate the experiences of the men and women who lived in them. Her book on New Brunswick women diarists, currently in press, is only the most recent of Dr. Campbell’s many significant scholarly contributions.

Since her arrival at UNB in 1983, Dr. Campbell’s passion for social history has inspired generations of students to think carefully and critically about how societies—past and present—actually work. She taught Canadian history at every level, and has supervised many graduate theses. Her remarkable ability to make complex problems clear was especially manifest in her graduate seminars on the philosophy of history, but also in her patient mentoring of countless colleagues.

Dr. Campbell has served UNB’s Acadiensis, Canada’s premier journal of regional history, in various capacities, including as editor and chair of the editorial board. She was a highly respected UNB Senator, the chair of the Student Services Committee, a sexual harassment officer and supported the wider community of historians in Canada through committed service to the Canadian Historical Association.

An early and tireless supporter of the Women’s Studies Program and of gender equity, Dr. Campbell was instrumental in advancing a culture of fairness and respect at UNB.