Michael Burt

Professor Emeritus in Biology

Convocation: October 18, 1996

Michael Burt is internationally known for his work in parasitology.

His research, which has focused on controlling parasites in food animals, has resulted in over 100 primary publications in refereed journals around the world. Dr. Burt has been described as a "most distinguished faculty member in every aspect of achievement."

A recipient of the APICS/Northern Telecom Teaching Award, he has instructed 19 different undergraduate courses and supervised over 50 graduate students. Dr. Burt's extensive service to the university, which includes 11 years as chairperson of the biology department, is eclipsed only by service to his community and to innumerable national and international organizations. Past president of the World Federation of Parasitologists, he has also served as president of the Canadian Society of Zoologists.

Among the many honours Dr. Burt has received are three UNB Merit Awards, a NATO Senior Scientist Research Award, the Wardle Award of the Canadian Society of Zoologists and the Gordin Kaplan Award of the Canadian Federation of Biological Sciences for outstanding contributions to public awareness of science and technology.

Although Dr. Burt officially retired in July 1995, after 33 years at UNB, he has remained active in the biology department as an honorary research professor. He also serves as associate director of the Huntsman Marine Science Centre in St. Andrews, N.B., and director of its academic programs.