Theodore (Ted) W. Bremner

Professor Emeritus in Civil Engineering

Encaenia Ceremony C: May 20, 2004

Few civil engineers would dispute the ravages of salt on concrete, especially if Ted Bremner were in the room.

Throughout his three-plus decades at the University of New Brunswick, Dr. Bremner impressed students and colleagues with his extensive knowledge of material science and his true love for concrete.  Some would say his influence in this area has spanned the theoretical, laboratory testing, design and inspection aspects of lightweight concrete technology.

Since his arrival at UNB as an assistant professor in 1969, Dr. Bremner has made his mark.  He taught engineering materials courses at the undergraduate core and graduate levels, and was instrumental in the development of a common course in materials for all engineering students in Canada.

Dr. Bremner's enthusiasm for teaching is matched by his enthusiasm for research.  He had published 145 journal articles and conference papers, and has received several national and international awards for his research accomplishments.

In addition to establishing research relationships across disciplines at UNB, Dr. Bremner has forged linkages with many international researchers at institutes in Mexico and Russia.  An entire symposium held last year in Greece was dedicated to him and his research.