Phil Lambert

Program Manager

J Herbert Smith Centre for TME

Head Hall H228

1 506 447 3347

Phil joined the Centre in November 2012 as Program Coordinator. At heart Phil is an engineer, an entrepreneur, and a creativity researcher. He has been involved in several successful startups and has experienced all aspects of the startup life cycle. Phil has a broad range of experience, from small start-ups to large multinationals. He has worked as a manufacturing engineer and production manager in a variety of industries, and as en executive in IT and education.

Phil completed a Mechanical Engineering Technology Diploma at Fanshawe College, a B.E.Sc. (Materials) at Western University, and an MBA at the University of New Brusnwick. He is currently completing a PhD where he is investigating the intersection of creativity and complexity science.

As program manager, Phil collaborates with TME staff, faculty and instructors to build the quality of the TME programs through curriculum review and development, marketing, and implementation of co-curricular programs and events. Phil also teaches TME 1001 Introduction to Technology Management & Entrepreneurship: Create Creativity and mentors students in the area of startups and entrepreneurship.