Kerry MacQuarrie



Civil Engineering

Head Hall H-130

1 506 453 5121

Other titles

Science Director, Canadian Rivers Institute

Specialty: Groundwater-surface water interactions, contaminant hydrogeology, mathematical modelling, hydrology.


  • BScE (Civil Engineering), University of New Brunswick
  • MSc (Earth Science - Hydrogeology), University of Waterloo
  • PhD (Earth Science - Hydrogeology), University of Waterloo
  • Courses Developed/Presented at UNB:
    • Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics and Hydrology, Team Design, Engineering
    • Hydrogeology, Contaminant Hydrogeology, Numerical Modelling of Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport.

Current research interests

  • the use of hydraulic, thermal, and geochemical information to understand groundwater-surface water interactions
  • physical and chemical processes related to the transport and fate of subsurface
  • contaminants, especially reactive solutes
  • mathematical modeling of groundwater flow, and solute and heat transport
  • multicomponent reactive transport modeling of groundwater quality
  • river bank filtration for safe drinking water supply
  • groundwater-derived nitrogen loading to eutrophication sensitive estuaries
  • far-field hydrogeochemical aspects of deep waste disposal
  • impacts of climate change on groundwater

Selected publications

Kurylyk, B.L., R.D. Moore, and K.T.B. MacQuarrie, 2015, Scientific Briefing: quantifying streambed heat advection due to groundwater-surface water interactions, Hydrological Processes, doi: 10.1002/hyp.10709

Shija, N.P., and K.T.B. MacQuarrie, 2015, Numerical simulation of active heat injection and anomalous seepage near an earth dam-concrete interface, ASCE International Journal of Geomechanics, 15(5), 04014084.

Jiang, Y., P. Nishimura, M.R. van den Heuvel, K.T.B. MacQuarrie, C. Crane, X. Zisheng, B. Raymond, B. Thompson, 2015, Modeling land-based nitrogen loads from groundwater-dominated agricultural watersheds to estuaries to inform nutrient reduction planning, Journal of Hydrology, 529, 213-230.

Bea, S.A., K.U. Mayer, and K.T.B. MacQuarrie, 2015, Reactive transport and thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling in deep sedimentary basins affected by glaciation cycles: Model development, verification, and illustrative example, Geofluids, doi: 10.1111/gfl.12148.

Kurylyk, B.L., K.T.B. MacQuarrie, T. Linnansaari, R.A. Cunjak, and R.A. Curry, 2015, Preserving, augmenting, and creating cold-water thermal refugia in rivers: Concepts derived from research on the Miramichi River, New Brunswick (Canada), Ecohydrology, 8, 1095-1108, doi: 10.1002/eco.1566.

Kurylyk, B.L., K.T.B. MacQuarrie, D. Caissie, and J.M. McKenzie, 2015, Shallow groundwater thermal sensitivity to climate change and land cover disturbances: Derivation of analytical expressions and implications for stream temperature modeling, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 19(5), 2469-2489.

Caissie, D., B.L. Kurylyk, A. St-Hilaire, N. El-Jabi, and K.T.B. MacQuarrie, 2014, Streambed temperature dynamics and corresponding heat fluxes in small streams experiencing seasonal ice cover, J. Hydrology, 519, 1441-1452.

Green, N.R., and K.T.B. MacQuarrie, 2014, An evaluation of the relative importance of the effects of climate change and groundwater extraction on seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers in Atlantic Canada, Hydrogeology Journal, 22(3), 609-623.

Kurylyk, B.L., and K.T.B. MacQuarrie, 2014, A new analytical solution for assessing climate change impacts on subsurface temperature, Hydrological Processes, 28(7), 3161-3172.

Bugden, G., Y. Jiang, M.R. van den Heuvel, H. Vandermeulin, K.T.B. MacQuarrie, C.J. Crane, and B.G. Raymond, 2014, Nitrogen Loading Criteria for Estuaries in Prince Edward Island, Canadian Technical Report of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 3066, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, 43 p., ISSN 1488-5379.

Rivard, C., M. Parent, D. Lavoie, P. Cousineau, K.T.B. MacQuarrie, G. Somers, C. Lamontagne, J. Drage, and A. Daigle, 2013, Appalachians, Chapter 14 in Canada’s Groundwater Resources, A. Rivera (ed), Fitzhenry & Whiteside Publishing, Markham, ON, 824 p., ISBN 978-1-55455-292-4.

Danielescu, S., and K.T.B. MacQuarrie, 2013, Nitrogen and oxygen isotopes in nitrate in the groundwater and surface water discharge from two rural catchments: implications for nitrogen loading to coastal waters, Biogeochemistry, 115(1-3), 111-127.

Kurylyk, B.L., and K.T.B. MacQuarrie, 2013, The uncertainty associated with estimating future groundwater recharge: A summary of recent research and an example from a small unconfined aquifer in a northern humid-continental climate, 492, 244-253, J. Hydrology.

Foucher, D., H. Hintelmann, T.A. Al, and K.T. MacQuarrie, 2013, Mercury isotope fractionation in waters and sediments of the Murray Brook mine watershed (New Brunswick, Canada): Tracing mercury contamination and transformation, Chemical Geology, 336, 87-95.

Danielescu, S., and K.T.B. MacQuarrie, 2011, Nitrogen loadings to two small estuaries, Prince Edward Island, Canada: a 2-year investigation of precipitation, surface water and groundwater contributions, Hydrological Processes, 25(6), 945-957.

Mayer, K.U., and K.T.B. MacQuarrie, 2010, Solution of the MoMaS reactive transport benchmark with MIN3P - Model formulation and simulation results, Computational Geosciences, 14(3), 405-419.

MacQuarrie, K.T.B., K.U. Mayer, B. Jin, and S.M. Spiessl, 2010, The importance of conceptual models in the reactive transport simulation of oxygen ingress in sparsely fractured crystalline rock, Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 112(1-4), 64-76.

Bruce, J.P., W. Cunningham, A. Freeze, R. Gillham, S. Gordon, S. Holysh, S. Hrudey, W. Logan, K. MacQuarrie, P. Muldoon, L. Nowlan, J. Pomeroy, S. Renzetti, B. Sherwood Lollar, and R. Therrien, 2009, The Sustainable Management of Groundwater in Canada, Council of Canadian Academies, Ottawa, ISBN 978-1-926558-11-0.

Pooley, K.E., M. Blessing, T.C. Schmidt, S.B. Haderlein, K.T.B. MacQuarrie, and H. Prommer, 2009, Aerobic biodegradation of chlorinated ethenes in a fractured bedrock aquifer: quantitative assessment by compound-specific isotope analysis (CSIA) and reactive transport modeling, Environmental Science and Technology, 43(19), 7458-7464.

Danielescu, S., K.T.B. MacQuarrie, and R.N. Faux, 2009, The integration of thermal infrared imaging, discharge measurements and numerical simulation to quantify the relative contributions of freshwater inflows to small estuaries in Atlantic Canada, 23(20), 2847-2859, Hydrological Processes.

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MacQuarrie, K.T.B., and T.A. Al, 2008, The influence of seasonal temperature variation and other factors on the occurrence of dissolved manganese during river bank filtration, in Groundwater Quality: Securing Groundwater Quality in Urban and Industrial Environments, M.G. Trefry (ed), International Association of Hydrological Sciences Publication 324, 467-474.

Spiessl, S.M., K.T.B. MacQuarrie, and K.U. Mayer, 2008, Identification of key parameters controlling dissolved oxygen migration and attenuation in fractured crystalline rocks, Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 95(3-4), 141-153.

Goldschneider, A.A., K.A. Haralampides, and K.T.B. MacQuarrie, 2007, River sediment and flow characteristics near a bank filtration water supply: Implications for riverbed clogging, Journal of Hydrology, 344(1-2), 55-69.

Research funding provided by:

Professional service and memberships

In 2001 provided technical advice to the New Brunswick Environment Industry Association during preparation of the publication “All About Your Well”, which was distributed to private well owners throughout the province of NB.

Member from 2007-2008, of the Expert Panel on Groundwater, Council of Canadian Academies, which produced a comprehensive science-based report “The Sustainable Management of Groundwater in Canada”.

In 2008 was a member of an international Expert Panel on Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction, which was tasked with a technical review of the implications of groundwater-Columbia River interaction on contaminant transport and attenuation at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Hanford Site.

In 2011 was invited to conduct an expert review for Health Canada’s Human Health Risk Assessment for Biodiesel Production, Distribution and Use in Canada (environmental fate and transport in groundwater).

Invited expert reviewer, 2012, Council of Canadian Academies, Expert Panel report on Water and Agriculture in Canada: Towards Sustainable Management of Water Resources.

Member and section chair, 2007-2013, for several research grant review panels for the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

Registered Member, Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of New Brunswick; Member, American Geophysical Union (Hydrology Division); Member, Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers, A Division of the National Ground Water Association (USA).