Lee Jolliffe



Business, Faculty of

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Saint John

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Lee Joliffe joined the Faculty of Business in 2000 and is currently teaching in the Bachelor of Applied Management in Hospitality and Tourism (BAMHT) degree program and supervising students in the Masters of Interdisciplinary Studies program.

At the undergraduate level, she teaches Introduction to Tourism; Heritage Tourism; Resort and Recreation Management; Tourism Planning and Development; and Culinary Tourism. At the University of New Brunswick Saint John she has also served as Director of the BAMHT program and Director of the International Office. In the latter capacity she extended the international relationships of UNB Saint John with educational institutions in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

Dr. Jolliffe has an academic background in museum studies with a Masters (University of Toronto) and PhD (University of Leicester) in this field. Prior to joining the University of New Brunswick, Lee had careers in heritage management and hospitality and taught tourism at the University of Prince Edward Island and the University of Strathclyde where she also completed her post doctoral studies.

Her current research focuses on cultural and heritage tourism and various forms of culinary tourism including the niche areas of "tea tourism" and "coffee tourism". Ongoing research projects include the study of: national capital tourism and museums in Hanoi, Vietnam; maritime souvenirs in cruise ports in Canada and New Zealand; and, bundling art for urban tourism in Canada and Asia.

Dr. Jolliffe is an active member of a number of a number of editorial boards for tourism journals. She was a founding member of the editorial board for the Journal of Heritage Tourism and is a member of the editorial board of Annals of Tourism Research where she is the Resource Editor for museums.

In addition she is a member of the editorial boards of Tourism, An International Journal and the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. Lee was also a member of the board of the Travel Tourism Research Association, Canada Chapter (2002 – 2008) where she served in various positions including as Conference Co-Chair, Chair of Academic Relations and Vice-President, President and Chair.

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