Keith Dewar


Business, Faculty of

Oland Hall 233

Saint John
1 506 648 5868

Keith Dewar joined the Faculty of Business Administration in 2003 and is a member of the Hospitality and Tourism Program.

He teaches several courses including Principles of Tourism, International Tourism, Events Management, Natural Area Management and Travel Writing and Photography. 

He has received the Faculty of Business Excellence in Teaching Award, from the University of New Brunswick (2006) and Teaching first year students and best overall professor from Massey University (2002).

Prior to joining the University of New Brunswick, he taught at University of Waterloo, Canada and Massey University, New Zealand and has served as Assistant Dean International Partnerships and external agreements Faculty of Business.

His personal interests include photography, genealogy, natural history, while his academic interest areas are heritage management, sustainable and environmental management and culinary tourism.

He has published in such journals as:

  • Annals of Tourism Research
  • Tourism Management
  • Journal of Tourism Marketing
  • George Wright Journal

Refereed journal articles

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General/professional publications

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These reports are of three types, those produced as part of my 20 years employment as an interpreter and visitor services officer for the Canadian Parks Service, those produced as paid consultancies (marked as “consultancy”) and those produced as a result of government invitation or in response to a general call for comments to various policies proposed largely by the Government of New Zealand.

Dewar, K. and Li, W., Strategic Tourism Plan for Harbin Regional City, Peoples Republic of China – a joint project of the University of New Brunswick, Saint John (Business of Faculty) with the China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, Nov. 2002 (consultancy)

Dewar, K. and Li, W., Strategic Tourism Plan for Hangzhou Regional City, Peoples Republic of China – a joint project of the Centre for Tourism Research Massey University and the China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, August, 2001 (consultancy)

Dewar, K., (Invited) from the Hon. Justice Baragwanath regarding, Protection of the Public from Accidental Harm Resulting from Systemic Failure Including Legal Status and Liability of the Crown”, September 1998

Dewar, K., Response to the McShane Report on Changes to the Resource Management Act, June 1998, Department of Conservation

Dewar, K., Response to the Public Document on the Future of the Heritage Act, April 1998, Department of Conservation

Dewar, K., Environmental Analysis, Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Resort, Feb. 1997, Massey University (consultancy)

Dewar, K. and Mark, O., A Review of Visitor Use Estimates for the Auckland Regional Council, Parks Service, August 1996, Massey University (consultancy)

Personal Interpretative Service Programs; St. Lawrence Islands National Parks A Review, Dept. of the Environment   Parks, April 1988

Island Camping Study, St. Lawrence Islands National Park, Feb. 1988

Future of Mainland Camping at St. Lawrence Islands National Park, St. Lawrence Islands National Park, March 1988

Live in Centre Demand Study, St. Lawrence Islands National Park, 1984

Report on the Icefields Centre, Jasper National Park,  1976

A Chronological History of Point Pelee National Park, Point Pelee National Park, 1973

Dune Study, Point Pelee National Park, 1973

Book chapters

Dewar, K., and Li, W., (2007). Green Tea and Tourism, Book Chapter in Tea and Tourism: Tourists, Traditions and Transformations, L. Jolliffe editor. Channel View Publications, Clevedon, pp. 180 - 206

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Research notes

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Book reviews

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Teaching manuals

These manuals were edited and revised for the University of Waterloo, Faculty of Environmental Studies by me as contract employment while I was completing my doctorate and were not connected with my regular teaching duties.

  • Environmental Studies 200, Lab Manual, Faculty of Environmental Studies, University of Waterloo, 1991
  • Environmental Studies 200, Teaching Assistance Handbook to the Lab Manual, University of Waterloo, 1991

Conferences presentations

Dewar, K., How to Identify Best Sustainable Practices in the Tourism Industry,  Fundy Biosphere Reserve Sustainable Tourism Conference February 16-17, 2009 Delta Beauséjour, Moncton, NB, Canada

Dewar, K., (Keynote invited). Outdoor Recreation, who will pay? Preparatory Meeting of International Union of Outdoor Sports and the 2nd Academic Seminar, August 30 – Sept. 1st, 2008. Wulong, Chongqing Chinq

Dewar, K. , (invited). Learning Commons Views Across Cultures: common to whom? Canadian Learning Commons Conference 2008: Building on Success,  June 8th – 10, 2008, Wu Centre, University of New Brunswick – Fredericton NB, Canada

Jolliffe, L.,  Dewar K., Li, W.M.., From Heritage Site to Tourism Attraction: Lessons from Canada. International Conference on Tourism and Hospitality: Planning and Managing Heritage for the Future, Lembah Bujang Forum, Malaysia, August 2007

Dewar, K., Applied Partnerships in Teaching Tourism and Hospitality (Invited), Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council, People Crises in the Industry, Tourism HR Forum, April 30 to May 2, 2007, Vancouver BC, Sixth Annual Tourism HR, Forum

Dewar. K., Retail Shopping: what’s in it for us?  Fundy Tourism Conference, Saint John New Brunswick, March 30 – 31, 2006

Dewar, K. and Li, W. Half is Not Enough, IGU Asian Conference: Border and Community Tourism, Jinghong China, July 6 – 9, 2005 (a book chapter will be generated from this conference paper in 2006/7 … paper has been accepted)

Dewar, K. (Invited) Ecotourism, for the Marine Mammal Seminar and Workshop - Bay of Islands, Department of Conservation, Nov. 15 - 16th 1999

Dewar, K., (invited), Alternate Realities - Customer Perspectives, Second International Urban Parks & Waterways Best Practice Conference, April 28 - 30,  1997,  Auckland, New Zealand

Dewar, K., (Invited) Making the Past Work for Us - is there a place for Archives/libraries in Heritage Tourism?, New Zealand Library and Information Conference, Sept. 3 - 7, 1995, Masterton, New Zealand

Dewar, K., A Brief History of Interpretation from the Big Bang, IV Global Congress on Heritage Interpretation, Barcelona Spain, March 15 - 19, 1995

Dolli, N. and Dewar, K., Marketing Heritage Institutions: A Case Study of Hobson Wharf Museum, New Zealand, Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference, December 5 - 8, 1993, Deakin University, Geelong Australia

Dewar, K., (Invited)  Evaluation   Where We Were, Where We Are, and Where We Are Going, presented at the Ontario Museum Association's 20th Anniversary Conference, October 1 4, 1992, Brockville, Ont

Conferences with non-refereed published proceedings

Dewar, K., Threads and Patches: urban parks, tourism and community (on CD), for Travel and Tourism Research Association Conference, Canada, Charlottetown, PEI, Oct. 17 – 21 2007

Dewar, K. and Li, W., Western Teacher, Eastern Student: through different eyes. China International Academic Seminar for Universities, July 17 – 19, 2005, Beidaihe, China. Pp. 1047 -1060.  This presentation won a best paper award

Dewar, K., Teaching in the Global Classroom, ACTEC Tourism Educators Conference, 25 to 28 May 2004, St. Andrews, NB. On CD

Li, W. and Dewar, K., A Study of Beihai’s Tourism Supply: now and in the future. Tourism Development and Management in Developing Countries Conference, 11 - 14 November, 2001, Guilin, China. (proceedings published on CD ROM) (see book chapters for refereed paper related to this presentation)

Dewar, K. and Thorn, K., The Net Value of the Conservation Estate, Tourism Down Under, Massey University, New Zealand, December 6 - 9, 1994 no page numbers, 14 pp

Dewar, K., Evaluation of Interpreter Competence, in Tabata, R., Yamashiro, J. & Cherem G. Third Global Congress of Heritage Interpretation International, Honolulu, Hawai'i, Nov. 3   8, 1991, June 1992, pp. 80 - 83

Dewar, K., "Interpretation: What are We Evaluating." Interpretative Evaluation John S. Marshed., Interpretation Canada, Ottawa, 1986

Conference with refereed proceedings

Dewar, K., Rock On: Gem, Rock and Mineral Shows as Tourism Destinations, Global Events Congress III, sponsored by Sun Yat-Sen University  and the University of Queensland,  November 17 – 20, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou China. Published as a e-proceeding

Dewar, K., Urban Parks Threads in a Greening Fabric, World Geographical Congress, Tunis Tunisia, August 13 to 15, 2008

Dewar, K. and Li, W., Strategic Planning and Regional Tourism Development in China, Event Tourism & Destination Management International Geographical Union, Asia, 28 to 30 November 2003, Yichang / Three Gorges, China. Published as a book chapter, see above under book chapter

Dewar, K. and McLean, M. Weather and Water Based Recreation an Exploratory Study Using Parks Canada Databases [CD ROM]. TTRA Canada, Oct. 6 – 8, 2003, Saint John New Brunswick

Dewar, K. and Li, W., Beihai and Tourism Development: second tier tourism destination management in the Peoples Republic of China, a case study, the Fourth Biennial Conference, tourism in Southeast Asia & Indo-China: development, marketing, sustainability. June 24-26, 2000, Chaing Mai, Thailand (no page numbers)

Sayers, J.,  Dewar K. and Meyer D., A Preliminary Investigation into the Expectations of Tourism Graduates Towards Their Future Employment, New Zealand Tourism and Hospitality Research Conference, Advances in Research , 1-4 December 1998, Akaroa, New Zealand. Proceedings Published Lincoln University Dec. 4, 1998 no page numbers 8 pages

Conferences attended

  • Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council
  • Finding Profit in your People
  • Tourism HR Forum, November 26 – 27, 2004, Ottawa, Ont.
  • Fourth Annual Tourism HR forum bringing together tourism human resource executives, managers and corporate trainers from all sectors to discuss solutions to issues facing the tourism industry

Papers in progress

Dewar, K. and R. Miller. Geotourism, Mining and Tourism Development in the Bay of Fundy Canada, in Michael Conlin and Lee Jolliffe, Editors. Mining for Tourism: Developing Mines as Heritage Attractions

Dewar, K. and  du Cros, H., Value of Brand Equity in UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the case of Macau

Dewar, K. and  Newkirk, K., Tang Jia Village: Of Presidents and Parks, in progress

Invited scholarly seminars and other related research

Dewar, K., Environmental and Economic Sustainability: the Case of Protected Natural Areas in North American and Britain, key note speech (invited), Forestry Forum, Forest Holiday Resort Development, Huizhou, China, Oct. 11 to 14, 2007

Dewar K., History and Development of Green Tea, Tea at 3 RSVP, Community tea tasting, Saint John, NB, May 26, 2007

Dewar K., Tourism, Heritage, and Saint John, Saint John Historical, New Brunswick Provincial Museum, March 27, 2007

Dewar, K and David Gao.  Weather Thou Goest: A Case Study Tourism Using Weather and Visitor Count    Data. Faculty of Engineering, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton. Feb. 9, 2006. Presentation to Faculty and graduate civil engineering students

Dewar, K. Do You Want New York Fries with Your Beijing Duck?: Food, Place Names, and Tourism Destinations., Faculty of Environmental Studies, University of Waterloo, Tourism Lecture Series (invited) Oct. 29th, 2004. Also presented as part of the, Faculty of Business, University of New Brunswick Research Colloquium series October 2004

Dewar, K. Tourism Trends in the West, presented to the China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, Beijing China, June 2001

Dewar, K. Ecotourism and Ecotourism Planning, presentation to the Guilin Polytechnic and City Planning Bureau, Guilin,  People’s Republic of China, Jan 27, 2000