Take a Minute to Understand and Share the Experience

An important part of any "International Experience" is the ability to share that experience with others.  Often students are so involved in their day to day activities, they sometime miss the "big picture". Throughout the QES Program, each scholar will be asked to stop, take a moment and share their latest experience.  Twice a month, they will be asked to examine how their roles, activities and achievements contribute to the global good. By sharing their experiences in words and pictures, they are able to gain a deeper understanding of how they are growing as global citizens.  The ultimate goal is to develop the next generation of leaders and scholars with the ability to understand and solve the challenges being faced by all Commonwealth Countries.

Omprakash has joined the UNB / CAPI team to guide the scholars through this process.   Each scholar will participate in a 3 week online course which encourages them to understand their role in the program, their contribtuions to development and the issues facing Commonwealth Countires.  All QES Scholars (Canadian and International) will share their expectations and plans for the upcoming 3.5 month.  Then, while in country, the Omprakash team with guide them through a series of question design to help them get the most out of their experience.  Once at home, they have an opportunity to share what they have learned from the experience through presentations and our website.

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