Academic Partners

For Component #1: Graduate scholars, we have left the partnerships open to student proposals.  At the graduate level, it is critical that the students are exposed to organizations which can provide them with research, internship and academic placements which directly enhance their individual programs.  As a result, graduate students can submit proposals for their QES placements.  The eligilibty and QES criteria must be met, but the host organizations are open to negotiations.  The proposals are evaluated based on location (ODA Commonwealth country), safety and security, benefit to the QES scholar and approval of their academic supervisor.  

For the purpose of Component #2: Undergradaute scholars, UNB has selected 7 academic partners to host our undergradaute scholars.  These partnerships were established through University to University agreements and each potential host organization has been vetted through a careful selection process.  The placement can bet either with the University directly or one of their community collaborations.  We have found that working with academic partners, our sudents come first.  All partners work under similar structures and education is their primary mandate.  In most cases, accomodations are available and Canadian scholars have an oppotunity to work closely with their counterparts from around the world.