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 CIDA International Youth Internships - Malawi

 This project is administered by the Centre for Property Studies, UNB

and funding is provided by the Government of Canada

Application Form

 Intership Title:

Internship In-country Host and Location:


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Contact Number:

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Are you a Canadian citizen or permanent resident?

Are you a post-secondary graduate - graduate of a degree or diploma program from a university, college, post-secondary school of technology, post-secondary institute or a CEGEP (collège d'enseignement général et professionnel)?   

Have you completed your education?                                                                                                      

Are you between the ages of 19 and 30 (at the time of signing the contract)?            

Are you unemployed or underemployed?                                                                           

Are you legally entitled to work in Canada?                                                                       

Have you previously participated in a Youth Employment Strategy Program (YES)?    

Educational History:

Please include Institution attended, diploma / degree, course / major. In addition, add any courses, workshops or seminars you have attended which would enhance your application. For example: First Aid Training, Project Management Courses, Strategic Planning Sessions, Gender Studies Workshops, etc.

Work and Volunteer Experience:

Please list you most recent employer first. In addition, add any experience (paid or unpaid) which would enhance your application. For example: supervisory experience, teaching experience, community work (especially with mothers /infants), health sector experience, Public Sector work, Human Resource development, policy development, gender equality experience, research, etc.

Skills and Knowledge:

Please list and provide details on all relevant skills and knowledge you have obtained though your education, work / volunteer experience and personal interests. For example: international travel, use of survey equipment, GIS / GPS / Remote Sensing, software applications, languages, cultural experiences, exchange programs, etc.

General Competencies

Please describe your general competencies which would benefit you during you internship. This could include (but not be limited to): analytical thinking, effective communications, flexibility, initiative, results orientation, etc.

Expression of Interest:

As it will not always be possible to conduct an interview in person, each applicant will be required to submit a one page expression of interest for the position. This is a chance for candidates to expand upon their resume and fill in the blanks. It can also contain areas that you wish to work on and that you feel you would gain skills from by being a part of the CIDA International Internship Program.


Please provide up to 3 references: Academic, Professional / Work and Personal. References will be contacts for the top 5 applications. Please provide phone numbers where they can be reached during working hours.

Please indicate if CV or Resume is attached

 If you have any questions or require further information please contact

Veronica McGinn, Project Coordinator,

Centre for Property Studies, University of New Brunswick 

506-447-3344 or  Veronica McGinn