How to apply for Exchange programs

The first round of application to study abroad in Fall 2017 or Winter 2018 ended Dec. 1, 2016.

There are still spaces available at many of our partners, so if you wish to study abroad next year, make sure to submit your application form by APRIL 1 2017.

If you wish to apply, you are very welcome to Contact Us for a meeting or a chat.


To apply for one of our summer schools abroad through our partners, the application deadline is February 17 2017.

TIPS for your application:

To choose a Destination, you may wish to consider the following:

  • it offers interesting courses not offered at UNB or in Canada
  • it offers hands on experience (internships, volunteering, etc.)
  • it offers pre-law, pre-med, pre-pharmacy, etc. courses
  • it offers foreign language courses and you would like to enhance your foreign language skills
  • it specialises and has an international reputation in a certain discipline or sub-discipline
  • cost of living is cheap
  • etc.

View our Destinations page for information on all the possibilities.

We will require you to submit the following:

  • An application form
  • Your un-official transcripts printed from e-Services
  • Your resume
  • An expression of interest (separate form) addressing the following points:
    • How did you hear about the Student Abroad Program?
    • Personal and academic reasons for applying for the exchange.
    • Extracurricular activities and community involvement.
    • The desired outcome of the experience (contribution to academic, personal, and professional development).
    • Previous travel experience.
  • A budget
Academic Exchanges

Round 1 deadline: December 1st

Round 2 deadline: April 1st

  • Students apply in the year before they wish to travel
    (eg. Apply by Dec 1, 2014 for travel during 2015-2016).
  • In each round, students may apply to travel in either terms (Fall or Winter), or both terms.
  • Students who apply in Round 1 will get priority in terms of their desired destinations; those who apply for Round 2 will be considered for remaining spots.

On your application, you will list 3 possible destinations (in order of preference) and a tentative list of possible courses. Please research each of your choices to find the destination that fits your program/major/minor, personnal interests and budget the best.

Assignement of Host Institution

While the program isn’t competitive in terms of participation, some of our destinations are highly competitive, and we receive more applications than we have spaces. Please see the destination table for how many spaces may be available for UNB students (both campuses) in the upcoming year.

When we have more students than spaces, seats are assigned by applying the following criteria:

Academic fit with host institution (10 points) The academic fit between your program and the course offerings at the desired host institution is important, and is a determining factor when we distribute the seats.
Please list the detailed and specific reasons why the desired institutions are a good fit for your program. For highly competitive places, you will need to present good arguments.

Cumulative GPA (10 points)
Your academic performance will be a factor for competitive destinations.

First experience abroad (5 points)
Students whose first experience abroad will be the Student Abroad program are given 5 additional points.

Expression of interest (10 points, see form for details)
10 points can be granted for well composed writing and good reflections of the questions in the expression of interest.

Eligibility Criteria for Academic exchanges

Be a full-time UNB student

Have - and maintain - a cGPA of at least 2.5

Have completed 60 credit hours (at the time of departure)

Summer School Exchanges Deadlines are different for each summer school, see details here. Eligibility Criteria for Summer Schools

Have - and maintain - a cGPA of at least 2.5

Have completed 15 credit hours (at the time of departure)

The Washington Center Internships To apply for the funding from the province of NB, submit your application by December 1.
QES internships Deadline: December 1st Eligibility Criteria for QES internships

Be a full-time UNB student (graduate or undergraduate) returning to UNB in the following Fall term

Have - and maintain - a cGPA of at least 2.5

Have completed 60 credit hours (at the time of departure)

Be under 35, Canadian citizen or permanent resident

Be recommended by a UNB faculty member