"My fall semester at UNB, Fredericton was such a great experience. I learnt new skills and gained awareness about the business context in New Brunswick. Besides that, I also got to know many people from Fredericton or New Brunswick but also from all around the world! I made great friends who I intend to stay in contact with. I travelled to many different and amazing places. I will remember the kindness and openness of the Canadians that I met."
Charlotte Moreau, Universite catholique de Louvain, Belgium, Fall 2015

unb rowing

“Spending the Fall Semester at UNB has been an incredibly fulfilling experience. The Global Learning and Engagement Team, in particular, has been especially welcoming – assisting each visiting student to settle comfortably. Throughout the school term, I attended many lessons taught by extremely professional and passionate faculty from the Faculties of Arts, Business Administration, Forestry & Environmental Management, and Kinesiology. Outside of academics, UNB organizes many extra-curricular activities for students such as hikes and movie nights. I was also given a chance to join the UNB Rowing Team – an absolutely fantastic experience all round!”
Chai Bin, Nanyang Technological University, Nanyang Business School, Singapore, Fall 2015


"I travelled from Northern Ireland to UNB for the fall semester as an exchange student. I study Archaeology with Spanish and I am extremely happy I had the opportunity to study in such a great Canadian university. One of the things I really liked was the variety of courses I could explore and select - I feel like they really suited my interests, especially the anthropology course Society and the Sacred focusing on the study of magic, witchcraft and religion. In my opinion, the way courses are assessed here is a lot smoother and less stressful and allows more of a personal input into your work. Finally, what I loved the most is the people I got to meet here. Over the course of only four months I made friends for life that I definitely plan on seeing again at some point! It was truly amazing to get to experience a different culture and way of life which subsequently encouraged me to travel even more!"
Adrianna Zajac, Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland, Fall 2015


"For me, as a Biology major, the best thing about Canada is its breathtaking nature. I am very impressed by all the lakes, woods and wild life. And it is great that there are so many trails for everyone to enjoy." Read Anna's full story

Anna Kleinshuster, University of Graz, Austria, Fall 2015 and Winter 2016
spencer "My stint at UNB has been extremely fruitful and rewarding. As an exchange student, I was new to the culture and education system in Canada. However, I was given a lot of assistance by the Global Academics Office and professors. The professors allowed time for the exchange students to acclimatize to UNB’s system and were very helpful in guiding us for our coursework. Also, UNB organized a lot of events for exchange students, allowing us to have a more thorough experience of the Canadian’s culture. I do miss UNB a lot and look forward to coming back again one day."
Cheong Por Yee, Nanyang Technological University, Nanyang Business School, Singapore, Fall 2014
jorge "My whole Canadian experience has been of great personal and academic growth. I have met a lot of friends from all over the world that made my experience more enjoyable. This was my first true winter experience, and I really wish I have more winters like this one. Even though the weather was tough sometimes, there were still plenty of things to do. Going out skiing, making snowmen and snow angels were just some of the things to do, while enjoying the white beauty of the snow. I really appreciate a lot the opportunity of having this experience at University of New Brunswick. I also learned from the global perspective of my degree in Computer Science. My technical field got improved and I am now even more motivated to what my career can offer to me.
It’s amazing how four months can change the way you live, and even more when you spend the time in a multi-cultural country. Now, I am more confident with what I can offer to the world, being very grateful with all the people who made this possible."
Jorge Nunez, Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre Y Maestra, Dominican Republic, Emerging Leaders of the Americas Scholarship recepient, Winter 2015

"When I arrived at the UNB at the end of September I didn’t know what to expect from the country I was going to live in, the people I was going to live with and the education system that I was going to learn and work in.

Looking at the past four months from a retro perspective I can honestly say that I was surprised by in each of those aspects. One of the biggest surprises was the education system more specifically the workload that a chemical engineer has to accomplish. The level of difficultly is higher and thereby the program and the student life is more taxing then in Germany. One the other hand the high difficulty of an engineering program results in more appreciation and respect. Chemical engineering is considered to be one of the most difficult programs at Canadian universities and it is a great feeling if one is able to accomplish the workload and fulfill the expectations.

By far the biggest surprise was how good I got along with my fellow students and how many I was able to win as friends. I discovered the hospitality and friendship of people with different backgrounds and I took many of them in my heart. Soon those people became my family and we formed fellowship that worked, suffered and partied together. Leaving the UNB and all the people I met was harder than I expected and therefor the impact of this short term on both my professional and my personal life was greater than expected. I made experiences that I will never forget and friends that I will stay in touch with for the rest of my life."
Clemens Hall, Hochschule Furtwangen, Germany, Fall 2014 and Winter 2015


"If I was to summarize my semester at UNB in Freder-icton in one word, I would probably choose the word ‘amazing’. But I guess one word is not enough to de-scribe all the experiences I got during my time abroad. Studying abroad is a unique experience and I’m happy that I took the step into the world, the step into Canada.

I’m an Engineering student from Germany and I spent one semester here at UNB. The Engineering Faculty of UNB is pretty well known and provided an excellent education. Canada is such a big and diverse country; Fredericton, however, is a rather small place which offers a familiar study experience. The people are friendly and there is a welcoming atmosphere all around the city. The UNB campus in Fredericton is really beautiful and so is the area around, basically the whole east coast. There are a lot of places to see, I especially recommend Cape Breton in fall.
Don’t miss the chance to get this unique experience – apply for UNB in Fredericton."
Florian Kassner, Hochschule Furtwangen, Germany, Fall 2014

carlos "I’ve spent 4 wonderful months in New Brunswick as student of the UNB. It has been one of the most incredible experiences in my life.

It’s hard to think how fast all the pieces came together of something that started just as a dream, an opportunity of studying outside my homeland El Salvador.  I filled the application to the scholarship sponsored by ELAP, an organization that to be honest I didn’t know about it, and know I’m very thankful with them. By the month of July, I received the approval from ELAP and a letter from UNB saying that I was accepted to join them one semester in an exchange program.

I was really nervous at the beginning; it was my first time living alone, with a different language and the responsibility of doing well in my courses. But with help of Veronica and Tania, and my friend Damaris all these fears were a thing from the past. I met awesome people from different countries. I learned from different cultures. I met different cities and fantastic places in Canada. I met snow for the very first time and looked trees turning into beautiful colors in fall.

I’m so glad that I applied and then I was selected to this program because I feel like I have learned a lot, not only in classrooms, about life in general as well. I reinforced myself as a good person for society."
Carlos Zelaya, Universidad Centro Americana, El Salvador, Emerging Leaders of the Americas Scholarship recepient, Fall 2014


"Going through an exchange at UNB was the best decision I ever made. As and international student, from El Salvador, I can tell that I got the best of my time in there. Since the Orientation Week I got to know so many people coming from all around the world. You arrive there as strangers and leave as friends for life. I´m very thankful I got to stay in Residence because life in there is just awesome. I got to have a balance between my studies and enjoying all the activities going on in there. The university campus is beautiful, peaceful and safe.  I loved the fact that we had many libraries then you would never get bored of studying in the same place. Everything I could ever need was inside the campus. Furthermore, I can tell that I learned a lot from my professors; going to my daily classes was not an issue for me because it was so entertaining and full of new things that will be useful in my professional life. Professors are so specialized in the courses they teach and it just results in a high level of education. As a student of mechanical engineering I would say that the university offers all the resources we would ever need for our projects or labs. The machine shop is well equipped and it is a pleasure to spend the days working on the projects. For one of my projects my team and I were required to design and manufacture a product to solve a real problem and it was really enjoyable working together because we had different ideas or solutions in order to build the project.  The multicultural environment is what makes this learning experience unique. Definitely, UNB has a lot to offer to engineering students. Everything I learned is valuable and now I look forward to apply them in my working field."
Damaris Umanzor, Universidad Centro Americana, El Salvador, Emerging Leaders of the Americas Scholarship recepient, Fall 2014

"My time in UNB has been a wonderful experience that I will never forget. The opportunity of living in a completely different environment where you experience, see, and learn a whole new culture is something unforgettable. I became more independent, gained a better understanding of my own self, and was able to grasp a glimpse of what I want to see in my future. I recommend this experience to everyone out there who is interested."
Emmanuel Diaz, Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre Y Maestra, Dominican Republic, Emerging Leaders of the Americas Scholarship recepient, Fall 2014

nestor "In my case, coming from a warm country like Mexico where you never get to see snow, it was a unique experience to live in Canada during the winter and adapt to it just like Canadians do. Winter is as good or as bad as you want to make it, and I decided to make mine the best winter of my life, by trying the winter sports that I would only get to see in Canada. Now I love snowboarding and I enjoy it more than any other sport I tried before. I came and found my favourite sport in Canada”
Néstor Muñoz Ocampo, Instituto Politecnico, Nacional, Mexico, Winter 2014


“The drastic change in weather conditions was a huge shock initially, but considering living in snow and freezing conditions is not a regular thing back home, it was exciting and a lot of fun. I am so glad this was the university I decided to come to.”
Michael Bruce, Deakin University, Australia, Winter 2014

yule "Participating in the Science without Borders program was an incredible experience.  I not only could eliminate 12 subjects in my university because of the 8 that I took at UNB, but I am a co-author in a scientific publication paper from Concordia University!  It was published last week and i could not be happier!   Furthermore, I got an internship here in Brazil in a huge company and I will start on Monday! I would recommend the SwB program and UNB to any student from Brazil!"

Yule Silvino, Centro Universitário da FEI, Brazil, Ciencia sem Fronteiras scholarship recepient, Fall 2013, Winter and Summer 2014