Science without Borders (SwB)

Aka: Canada-Brazil Ciência sem Fronteiras (CBIE)

UNB is proud to be involved in the SwB scholarship program to allow Brazilian students to study internationally in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Funded primarily by the Brazilian Government, the program is intended mainly for Brazilian students and researchers and entail one year of undergraduate study, PhD internships, full-time PhDs, postdoctoral and professional education awards, senior fellowships and visiting researchers/scholars abroad. The program also offers opportunities for individuals from abroad to conduct research in Brazil. For more information on how to participate please visit the Canadian Government website on Science without Borders.

For students coming to UNB through SwB please refer to the Incoming SwB student Handbook for more information.

Testimonial from past student:

"Well, It was, without any doubt, the best experience of my life. Once I got there I saw a completely different place. For me, Fredericton can be compared to The Sims (the game), the city is very organized and beautiful.

My time at UNB was amazing. I could meet people from all over the world and I had teachers from different nationalities. I really enjoyed the classes that I took mainly because all of them had lab classes.

As placement, I worked on a Sludge Bed Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (Sb-AnMBR) that was treating one of the wastes in the production of dissolving pulp called PHL. The objective of this project was to develop a novel configuration of anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) that could have a great reduction of organic waste for a high-strength biodegradable waste stream such as PHL under thermophilic conditions (55oC). My research took place at the Water and Wastewater Lab at UNB."

- Adriana Bavaresco, Chemical Engineering, Universidad Federal de Matto Grosso