Economics Seminar: Poverty in Canada-FR

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April 03, 2017
01:00 PM - 02:30 PM

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Please join the department of economics as we welcome Dr. Lori Curtis, University of Waterloo, for the following installment of our seminar series. All are welcome!

Poverty in Canada: Multidimensional vs unidimensional measures

Presenter: Lori Curtis, University of Waterloo

Date: Monday, April 3rd 2017

Time: 1 pm-2:30pm

Location: Tilley Hall, 302

Multidimensional measures of poverty are becoming the norm for examining well-being in underdeveloped and developing countries. Studies of the European Union have used multidimensional measures of deprivation to evaluate policies meant to alleviate poverty and studies examining these measures are beginning to be published in the US. Many of the countries using multidimensional poverty/deprivation as an evaluation tool have developed longitudinal survey instruments that can track the joint measures across individuals and time. This study will use existing Statistics Canada's survey data to examine whether the Canadian surveys can parse together enough information to offer multidimensional poverty measurements and whether the measurements offer the same policy implications as more traditional poverty, inequality, and well-being measures such as income, consumption and health, across time and household types (e.g., those with children, lone mothers, and non-native born) using health and social measures from the Canadian Community Health Survey and  income, consumption and housing information from the Survey of Household Spending from 2000 on.

Building: Tilley Hall

Room Number: 302


Holly Burke-Wood
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