Monday Night Film Series presents CALVARY Nov. 10 -FR

Event Date(s):
November 10, 2014
07:30 PM - 09:30 PM

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The Monday Night Film Series presents “CALVARY” on Monday, November 10 at 7:30 p.m. in Tilley 102.

In his follow-up to The Guard, writer and director John Michael McDonagh returns with a superbly written, darkly funny and powerfully moving mystery set in a sleepy coastal village in County Sligo, Ireland. Anchored by a magnificent central performance from McDonagh’s Guard star Brendan Gleeson (The Grand Seduction), Calvary focuses on local parish priest Father James (Gleeson), who, after receiving a death threat from one of his parishioners during confession, spends what he believes to be the last week of his life pondering whether he’s made any difference at all to his community.

Though Father James apparently knows the identity of his would-be murderer, he is more concerned about the struggling souls around him than of his own fate, and calmly goes about his weekly rounds in this quiet village where all is not as it seems. One by one, the assorted villagers (and potential suspects) are given a chance to tell their variously unhappy stories: a smug local tycoon (Dylan Moran, Good Vibrations), the cuckolded butcher (Chris O’Dowd, The Sapphires), his promiscuous wife (Orla O’Rourke), her surly lover (Isaach De Bankolé, The Limits of Control), a disillusioned cop (Gary Lydon, War Horse), and a cynical doctor (Aidan Gillen, HBO’s Game of Thrones). At the same time, Father James is visited by his troubled daughter Fiona (Kelly Reilly, Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster), the result of his tragic marriage in the years before he joined the priesthood. In each encounter, the benevolent priest patiently argues for the value of the Church—and of faith in general—in a modern society increasingly skeptical of this seemingly archaic institution.

Featuring lively performances, spectacular scenery, and crackling dialogue, Calvary offers a contemplative portrait of faith and guilt. Filled with fierce gallows humour and touching compassion, it’s a must-see for believers and agnostics alike.

Grounded by a performance of monumental soul from Gleeson as a tough-minded Irish priest marked for death by one of his parishioners, the film offers a mordantly funny survey of small-town iniquity that morphs, almost imperceptibly, into a deeply felt lament for a fallen world. —Justin Chang, Variety

This year, 24 limited release, independent foreign & Canadian films will be shown. Admission is $7/film, but a yearly $18 student film society membership reduces admission cost to $4/film. The series is open to all. Memberships are available at Tilley 102 every Monday night.

For further info, contact NB Film Co-op 455-1632

The NB Film Co-op in partnership with the UNB Faculty of Arts and the Toronto Film Festival presents the series.

Building: Tilley

Room Number: 102


Tony Merzetti
1 506 455-1632