G.W. Pabst's film Westfront 1918-SJ

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October 15, 2014
07:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Saint John
Saint John

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Westfront 1918 (German: Vier von der Infanterie) is a German film, set mostly in the trenches of the Western Front during World War I. It was directed in 1930 by Georg Wilhelm Pabst, from the novel Vier von der Infanterie by Ernst Johannsen, and deals with the impact of the war on a group of infantrymen. It featured an ensemble cast led by screen veterans Fritz Kampers and Gustav Diessl; Diessl had been a prisoner of war for a year during the war.

This year marks the 100th year commemoraton of the First World War. This 10-week film series will explore the ways in which WWI has been presented in film.

Sponsored by the Departments of History & Politics and Social Sciences.

Building: K.C. Irving Hall

Room Number: 107


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