Encaustic Workshop Painting with wax-FR

Event Date(s):
November 09, 2013
01:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Event Details:

Encaustic: Painting with wax
Saturday, November 9
1:00 - 5:00 pm
Instructor: Sarah Petite
Member: $20
Non Member: $55 tax
$15 materials fee payable to the instructor

Location: Memorial Hall, Room #26

Course Description:

Encaustic is an ancient painting medium that uses molten beeswax as a binder with pigment - sort of like painting with melted crayons! When it’s hot, it’s ‘wet’, and when cool it’s ‘dry’; and when it’s cool, you can do all kinds of ‘cool’ things with it, then use a heat gun to work on the next phase. Paint, incise, fill, scrape, melt, smudge, blend, even work with stensils. There’s no end to the possibilities for getting amazing effects with this paint!

About the Instructor:

Sarah Petite received formal art training in Halifax and England in the 80s, but her work in encaustic painting was self-taught and of a pioneering nature. Encaustic is an ancient medium, which has cropped up sporadically in modern times among the oils and acrylics of popular practice. In 1989, with only a page of an artists' handbook to draw from, Petite began a 25-year odyssey, producing many 'wax' paintings that grew from strength to strength, each instructing the next, with techniques honed to a fine degree. Recently, geometric abstraction has proven itself the best answer to encaustic’s virtuosity; and the series 'Game Theory' (see www.sarahpetite.com), paintings inspired by the little parlour games of our material culture, has allowed the artist to explore themes of strategy, rule, control and freedom, while finding out the next wonderful effect that can be achieved with a newly-discovered tool or trick. Sarah Petite maintains two encaustic-equipped studios, in Port Maitland, Nova Scotia (summer), and in Fredericton, New Brunswick (winter).

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