Presentation Skills for Professors: A Makeover Workshop

Event Date(s):
August 14, 2013
Both Campuses

Event Details:

This day-long session offers a calm, friendly approach to improving individual skill sets. Each participant will be encouraged to explore & enhance his/her presentation style in a confidential, supportive, and constructive atmosphere. Many practical approaches, adapted from those used by professional actors & performers, will be offered, with opportunities for individual coaching, discussion, and practical application. Participants will be filmed several times, and will come away with video of their own presentation style, feedback & improvements, a file full of recommendations & techniques, and best of all, a renewed sense of confidence in their existing skills and a game-plan for how to improve in the future.

Topics will include: - Exploration of 'stage fright' (nervousness) - Breath: physiology & exercises - Voice: specific techniques & approaches (covers voice quality, pitch, speed) - Body: posture, body language, eye contact, stamina - Use of visual aids & audience interaction - Space use: room configuration and placement This workshop, brought to you by Teaching & Learning Services, will be facilitated by Kate Bligh, a theatre director and acting teacher, with over 15 years' experience of university teaching and 10 years of teaching university teachers. Due to the nature of this workshop, it is limited to 5 people. To apply to participate, email Nancy Fitzpatrick ( stating your name, the classes you'll be teaching in 2013-14 and their expected enrollment.


Nancy Fitzpatrick